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Awareness Sessions on Alleviating Rodent-Borne Diseases in Malaysia

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Instilling Good Knowledge, better Attitudes and Practices on Alleviating Rodent-borne Diseases among Public Low-Cost Housing (PPR) Community

Rodent-borne diseases are a major threat to residents of Public Low-Cost Housing areas (PPR) which can lead to severe public health issues. Living conditions is usually harsh for these communities, and the lack of knowledge in health safety measures further increases the risk of illness. This project was led by Dr. Farah Shafawati Mohd-Taib to raise awareness in two PPR of Kuala Lumpur regarding the essential need to keep the area clean and fight the increase in the rat population.

This awareness-raising program had the purpose to develop the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding the risks of zoonotic diseases associated with rats, as well as how to reduce and manage the risks. Several activities were conducted among which were exhibitions, talks, hands-on activities, as well as handing out a booklet on the management of rodent-borne diseases. Practical knowledge covered in the activity included how to do community cleaning, recycling and composting within their communities.

At the end of the project, an evaluation form has been submitted to 830 residents of the two PPRs. About 60% reported that they benefitted from the awareness-raising program. Significant improvement was shown in terms of better knowledge about rodent-borne diseases and what cleaning and other hygiene measures to adopt. Due to the success of this project, the team now wants to try and engage other actors in the future to develop further this awareness-raising program to every household, as well as involve the municipal councils and governmental agencies to spread this to all the communities.

SEAOHUN 2020 Small Grants Project team leader: Dr. Farah Shafawati Mohd-Taib (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) Team members: Dr. Mazrura Binti Sahan (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

Dr. Vickneswaran Muthu (Ministry of Health Malaysia)

Dr. Nor Halizam Ismail (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur)

Dr. Nur Juliani Shafie (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu)

- Personal protective equipment, distancing, and group size standards in this photo were consistent with local public health guidance and COVID-19 status in the specific country and time it was taken. This may not reflect best practices for all locations where COVID-19 is still spreading. -


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