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Calling for Prospective U.S. Graduate Students!

Looking to start writing your U.S. graduate school essay but confused on how to perfect your writing? Stumped about how to prepare for your U.S. graduate level program?

Join the USINDO GRASP Batch 5 Mini Intensive Course now!

Our FREE online short course will give you the boost you need to gain admissions into your DREAM U.S. University! We offer an intensive six, 90-minute sessions designed to apply and practice the most important skills for successfully completing your U.S. Graduate School application.

With a refined focus on critical thinking and digital literacy, you will learn and cultivate strategies to unpack the graduate essay prompt, revise your essay, give and apply constructive feedback, check credibility of online sources, and so much more.

The USINDO GRASP Mini Intensive Course is designed to be highly-interactive and digitally-rigorous, simulating U.S. graduate-level classrooms–complete with whole/small group discussions, peer review exercises, multimedia group tasks, periodic self-evaluation, reflections, and writing practice.

The USINDO GRASP Mini Intensive Course is supported by USAID and Arizona State University under the USAID Higher Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI).

Apply now to give yourself an advantage in the application process and help you master essential skills for your U.S. academic study ahead.

Application Open Now!

Application Deadline

Friday, February 3, 2023 at 5:00 pm WIB

Course Dates

February 10 - March 11, 2023

For more details on the USINDO GRASP Mini Intensive Course, click!


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