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Future Leaders Against AMR

Future Leaders Against AMR is an international programme for students and early career professionals, designed to support their development as future leaders in the work against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

This is achieved through various activities for participants, including relevant career guidance; exploration of the many fields relevant to the issue with an interdisciplinary One Health perspective; soft-skills training; small project management; and personal mentorship from current experts and professionals.

The programme has been taking place virtually since the beginning of 2022, running for 10 weeks in total. Participant applications opened in November 2021, closing in December 2021, with priority given to those from LMIC countries and academic & professional backgrounds not typically associated with AMR.

Join the 10-week open lecture series! Due to the high number of applications (317 for just 40 places), Future Leaders Against AMR is running a concurrent lecture series for the 10 weeks, with one lecture a week opened to all who applied and anybody else who is interested.

The aim is to both educate and empower the next generation of leaders in the work against AMR. Please find details here:


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