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One Health Update COVID-19 Response

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

With the support of the USAID, One Health Workforce Next Generation​ and its consortium. SEAOHUN were pleased to host a series ECHO webinar style sessions for network members and other interested stakeholders. This forum allowed for the most current information related to the COVID-19 pandemic to be shared, and discussion allowed for questions and dialogue around current issues.

One Health COVID-19 Response ECHO Update Sessions in a series that started in March for SEAOHUN and AFROHUN members and stakeholders. We covered a lot in this interactive virtual learning series and want to be sure you are able to access the information in the future. Here are links to all the session recordings and presentation slides from the series. You will also be able to access a COVID-19 Q&A section with answers to some of the questions we were unable to address during the sessions. Additional information about ongoing COVID-19 learning sessions organized by the ECHO Institute and its partners please visit HERE

Please direct any additional questions or concerns to


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