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SEAOHUN: Inaugural Editorial Board of CABI One Health

Dr. Vipat Kuruchittham, Executive Director of SEAOHUN Secretariat, is pleased to serve on the inaugural editorial board of CABI One Health, a new open access journal. He represents the One Health University Networks (OHUNs) to promote publishing articles and One Health cases on the implementation and institutionalization of One Health and capacity building of One Health professionals.

CABI's One Health resources tackle global challenges that are increasingly inter-connected. Our editorial board therefore includes experts in human, animal, plant and environmental health, as well as individuals with a deep understanding of social and political dimensions. We have sought to recruit a gender balanced, globally representative board that also provides opportunities for up-and-coming future One Health leaders.

Our One Health editorial board works across both our open access journal CABI One Health, and our new collection of case studies One Health Cases.


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