Hanoi University of Public Health recently received tropEd accreditation for the course: “One Health Approach to Emerging and Re-emerging Zoonotic diseases”

Zoonotic diseases have been an important public health challenge in Vietnam. The One Health (OH) approach brings together disciplines such as medicine, preventive medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, nursing, animal husbandry, environment and ecology to work together to more effectively address emerging challenges at the interface of animals, humans and the environment. Hanoi University of Public Health recently developed and received tropEd accreditation for the course titled, “One Health Approach to Emerging and Re-emerging Zoonotic Diseases,” which aims to provide students with knowledge and skills to:
    1. Describe emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases and their management at the global and national levels.
    2. Analyze the multiple interactions at the animal-human-environment interface that lead to outbreaks of emerging or re-                        emerging zoonotic diseases.
    3. Apply the OH approach to develop a plan for prevention, detection, and response to emerging or re-emerging zoonotic                    diseases.

The course covers various important topics including: an introduction to the OH Approach and Core Competencies; emerging and remerging zoonotic diseases in high risk regions; water, sanitation, climate change and zoonotic diseases in Southeast Asia; food safety, food security and antimicrobial resistance; collaboration and Partnership in prevention and control of zoonotic diseases; the role of laboratory in surveillance for zoonotic disease outbreak detection and prediction; and the application of OH Systems Mapping Analysis and Resource Toolkit (OH SMARTTM) in developing a detailed plan to address the prevention and control the emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases, as well as other complex health issues.
This course is a key achievement of the USAID OH Workforce (OHW) Project, which aims to facilitate workforce transformation. The OHW Project strengthens training and educational programs in universities to create a workforce skilled in the use of the trans disciplinary approach known as OH. This course will generate a new kind of public health professional to work in a trans-disciplinary environment. These professionals are equipped with the technical, leadership, communication, collaboration skills and tools to respond to any current or future infectious and zoonotic disease threat.

tropEd is an international network of member institutions for higher education in international/global health from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. tropEd provides postgraduate opportunities for education and training that contributes to sustainable development. The accreditation from the tropEd Network for Education in International Health on March 14, 2019, brings opportunities for the course to be delivered to international students coming from different countries around the world. Moreover, the OH module has been taught for various training programs in 20 universities within VOHUN since 2015.


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