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Vietnam One Health University Network

Vietnam One Health University Network (VOHUN) was established in 2011, with the support of USAID, through the RESPOND project. VOHUN has connected 20 Vietnamese universities from the field of medicine, veterinary science, public health, nursing and food technology to promote the One Health (OH) approach, through university training and research, to equip a new generation of lecturers and researchers with a full range of knowledge and skills to practice the OH approach. The One Health Workforce Project: OHW (2014-2019) and Next Generation (NG) (2020-2025) aims to strengthen the One Health university network and member universities, to support workforce development, education, and training opportunities that are relevant to local health needs and international health standards.

VOHUN Achievements


VOHUN has used the 7 core competencies and 08 technical modules developed to contribute several OH training programs:

Pre-service training programs:


  • International Master of Public Health, One Health oriented, Hanoi Medical University.

  • Master of Public Health majoring in Environmental Health, Hanoi University of Public Health.

  • Master of Veterinary Medicine, specialized in Public Health, Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh city.

Pre-service Modules:

  • OH module

  • OH and Zoonoses module, Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

  • OH and Wildlife diseases module, Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

  • OH and Environment and Livestock waste management module, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry.

  • OH training course for students through fieldtrip, VOHUN university members

  • BioRisk Management module

In-service training program:

  • One Health field-based training course for health and veterinary staff.

  • Training course on applying One Health core competencies to develop the zoonotic disease prevention plan for health and veterinary staff

One Health Workforce Next Generation (2019-2024)

  • Develop, deliver, and institutionalize training and educational offerings in alignment with prioritized One Health core competencies and technical skills.

  • Establish systems, policies, and procedures to assess and track multisectoral workforce placement, performance, and impact.

  • Strengthen the functional and organizational capacities of the regional OH university networks to ensure they are capable of acquiring and managing direct donor funding.

  • Organizational Development of a Sustainable VOHUN.


There are totally 15 OH student clubs (OHSC) with nearly 1700 members for 21 faculties/universities since 2015. OHSC have the participants of different disciplines, such as: public health, preventive medicine, nursing, veterinary, food technology and husbandry. Students have been given the opportunity to work together with colleagues from other disciplines to learn how to address OH challenges in communities and to raise awareness of communities on infectious and zoonotic diseases prevention and control through activities including seminars, community visits and field-based learning.

VOHUN 2020
  • Bac Giang Agriculture and Forestry University 

  • Buon Ma Thuot University

  • Can Tho University

  • Can Tho University of Medicine & Pharmacy

  • Hai Phong University of Medicine & Pharmacy

  • Hanoi University of Public Health*

  • Hanoi Medical University*

  • Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University*

  • Ho Chi Minh City Agriculture & Forestry University*

  • Hue University of Medicine & Pharmacy

  • Hue University of Agriculture & Forestry*

  • Nam Dinh University of Nursing

  • Nghe An College of Economics

  • Quy Nhon University

  • Tay Nguyen University (Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine)

  • Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy

  • Thai Nguyen University of Medicine & Pharmacy

  • Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture & Forestry

  • Tra Vinh University (Faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture, Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy)

  • Vietnam National University of Agriculture*

  • Vinh Medical University

  • Vinh Long University of Technology and Education (Faculty of Food Technology)

* Founding Universities and Faculties 

Preparing the Next Generation of One Health Workforce

In recognition of the importance of One Health approach in responding to global public health events, Hanoi Medical University (HMU) has recently integrated a module titled “One Health Core Competencies” into current training programs for medical, preventive medicine, and public health students. Over the past 3 years, more than 800 students at HMU have been equipped with One Health competencies. The students were given opportunities to not only gain knowledge and expertise in One Health but also to apply their gained skills to address public health issues in communities by doing fieldwork.

Additionally, with the purpose of providing an international environment for students to exchange knowledge and experiences in One Health, Hanoi Medical University decided to offer the Master of Public Health with an emphasis on One Health, in English. This program has been designed for those who aspire to gain skills to practice public health in a globalized world, especially those who wish to develop their career in One Health. With the financial support from OHW/USAID, and through SEAOHUN/VOHUN, the training and teaching material has been carefully developed and reviewed by faculties who have been trained in reputable institutions and international experts.

The course covers various important topics, from foundational knowledge including Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Global Health, Health Management and Policy, Applied Epidemiology, Health Education and Health Promotion, Research Methodology and Public Health Ethics, to specialization in Health Economics, Nutrition and Food Safety, Population and Health, and more. One Health approach has been mainstreamed into all lectures and case studies to ensure students have the technical, leadership, communication, and collaboration skills and tools needed to respond to any public health threat.

By 2020, Hanoi Medical University has enrolled 05 cohorts, a total of 91 students from over a dozen different countries in Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.), Africa (Ghana, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Uganda, etc.) and the U.S. All the students from the first two cohorts have successfully graduated and the third cohort is expected to graduate in September 2021. Hanoi Medical University aims to continuously improve and further develop the program to achieve its goal of training the most skilled One Health workforce of the future.

- Personal protective equipment, distancing, and group size standards in this photo were consistent with local public health guidance and COVID-19 status in the specific country and time it was taken. This may not reflect best practices for all locations  where COVID-19 is still spreading. -

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