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Lao One Health University Network

Nurturing Youth to be One Health Leaders through Next Generation Orientation 

Youth are essential advocates for One Health issues. As such, SEAOHUN encourages each member country to coordinate student clubs in order to motivate young people to familiarize themselves with One Health approaches, especially through collaboration and the discussion of relevant issues. Unfortunately, due the COVID-19 pandemic, many students have had limited in-person interaction with peers in recent years. There was a strong need to provide studets with an environment that helps them recognize their own potential and empowers them to envision their futures. Towards this goal, and to nurture youth towards becoming future One Health leaders, LAOHUN held a Next Generation Orientation in conjuction with the LAOHUN Student Club at the University of Health Sciences (UHS), Laos.

The orientation was held on  11 March 2023,organized by senior members and alumni of the club. There are 27 students involved, including 21 new members, which demonstrates a growing interest in the club. The orientation aimed to encourage and stimulate students to interact, get to know one another, be open minded and empathetic, and help each other work together as a team. Activities consisted of an introduction to LAOHUN and the student One Health club, a team-building  activity, and a reflection on the core values and expectations of the club. Through creating a space where students feel comfortable naturally expressing themselves, the student club hopes to be a place to help students expand thier learning in One Health. 


At the end of the event, club alumni shared their knowledge and experiences to the new club members. They encouraged current members to work hard to form bonds with thier peers and collaborate to solve future problems. They also expressed thier hope that the new generation of students can sustain the student club’s activities throughout the coming years. Upon hearing thier advice, student leaders expressed their enormous gratitude, saying they believe that small seeds were planted through the orientation that  have the ability to sprout into sometghing bigger for new students as they move forward in thier careers. The students were especially grateful for the opportunity to meet others that have found success in the One Health field, as well as the chance to hone thier collaboration skills with thier peers across multiple generations.


“One Health Leader” was broadcasted through LAOHUN’s Student club Facebook page




With the year’s support of the Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI), Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN) in collaboration with Thailand One Health University Network (THOHUN) successfully fostered the establishment of Lao One Health University Network (LAOHUN), the newest country network of SEAOHUN. The LAOHUN comprises five universities and 18 faculties. The LAOHUN aims to become a collaborative network of universities fostering multi-sectoral effort on One Health (OH) workforce and policy development. Its mission is to develop a university network with the capacity to promote One Health awareness, knowledge, and practice through the expansion of universities, strengthening the network, and the advancement of the OH workforce.


As the OH concept is new to almost all faculties of LAOHUN; SEAOHUN/THOHUN conducted a training of trainers to introduce OH’s approach, One Health core competencies (OHCCs), and how to incorporate them into curricula and teaching strategies. The training equipped twenty-eight faculty members with One Health knowledge, practical tools and activities to teach OHCCs to transform students from passive to become active learners.

Eight core competencies

  • Communication and informatics

  • Leadership and coaching

  • Collaboration and partnership

  • Systems thinking

  • Culture and ethics

  • Planning and management

  • Professional skills

  • Research and development

Prioritized training needs:

  • infectious and zoonotic diseases.     

  • curriculum mapping and development.

  • systems thinking and critical thinking.

  • networking, coordination and partnership, as well as interpersonal skills.

  • biosafety and biosecurity, simulation exercises, proposal writing, and risk management.



SEAOHUN and its country networks not only worked collaboratively with the NUoL and NUHS, but also with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, as well as other universities and development partners to identify core competencies and prioritize training needs to improve the OH workforce capacity with cross-sectoral competencies to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats.


" LAOHUN will collaborate and work with

its partners to promote and launch OH education and training to advance Laos' capability in combating any infectious and pandemic diseases. "



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mayfong Mayxay

Vice Chairperson of LAOHUN


LAOHUN University Members

  • Champasack University

  • National University of Laos (NUOL)

  • Savannakhet University

  • Souphanouvong University

  • University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR (UHS-Laos)


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