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About the SEAOHWA

Southeast Asia One Health Workforce Academies (SEA-OHWA) aims to serve as a user-friendly platform for exchanges of One Health knowledge, resources, and opportunities among SEAOHUN member Universities, pre-service and in-service health professionals and individuals interested in One Health in Southeast Asia.


  • Enable SEAOHUN member Universities to curate, update and implement the One Health training online in local languages and English.

  • Be a repository of One Health resources funded by USAID One Health Workforce (OHW) and One Health Workforce – Next Generation (OHW-NG) projects.

  • Provide linkages to resources at the global One Health Workforce Academies (OHWA) and AFROHUN OHWA.

  • List job opportunities for One Health practitioners.

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Target Audience 

Frontline health professionals, students in health-related disciplines, and One Health interested individuals.

One Health Online Courses Development

SEAOHUN invited individuals, organizations, and agencies to create One Health online courses in local languages (Khmer, Bahasa, Laos, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.) for the Southeast Asia One Health Workforce Academy (SEA-OHWA). These courses needed to cover at least one of the following domains, preferably addressing the specific needs of each country.


  • One Health Principles and Concepts,

  • Infectious Disease Management and Fundamentals,

  • Outbreak Investigation and Response,

  • Ecosystem Health,

  • One Health Epidemiology,

  • One Health Risk Analysis,

  • One Health Research,

  • One Health Leadership,

  • One Health Management,

  • Systems thinking,

  • One Health Collaboration and Partnership,

  • One Health Communication and Informatics,

  • Gender in One Health,

  • One Health Policy and Advocacy,

  • Behavior Change,

  • Culture, Beliefs, Values and Ethics,

  • Principles of Public Health,

  • Surveillance and

  • Implementation Sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions: One Health Online Course Development 

Q: Are there any restrictions for applications from individuals/ group who are not affiliated with OHUN network members or OHUN partnerships? Is it permissible for the bidding to originate from independent contractors outside the member university network and government agencies, provided these agencies (member university network and government agencies) would be involved as speakers during the implementation period? Can students or group of students apply for the call?

A: There are no restrictions for applications from individuals or groups outside the member university network. However, SEAOHUN will give priority to the applicants from member university networks during the selection process.

Q: Would there be several winners from one country, or only one winner per country?

A: SEAOHUN will consider the award-winning proposals based on the needs and budget allocations.

Q: Who will review the storyboards for each module that we submit as deliverable 2?  

A: SEAOHUN will invite a committee from technical and pedagogical experts who understand the country and regional context.


Q:When will the results be communicated, considering the closure of applications?

A: The applicants should be expecting the results within four weeks after the application deadline.

Q:Is there a more detailed timeline for each deliverable? 

A: SEAOHUN will work with each individual or group to agree upon the detailed timeline for each deliverable as well as the whole project while preparing the award agreement contract.


Q: In the case of a team-authored course, is there a limit to the number of team members?

A: There is no limit to the number of team numbers as long as their costs are within the maximum award budget.

View more FAQ about course content, tecnical support and terms click!

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