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PhilOHUN 2024


Philippine One Health University Network

Making Connections to Promote One Health

In 2023, the Internet is an integrated part of our collective daily life. Having an online presence is important not only for businesses, but also for organizations. The Philippine’s One Health University Network (PhilOHUN) is no different. As a newer organization in the country, many people are still unaware of its existence and the work that PhilOHUN partakes in. For this reason, the creation of a PhilOHUN website was crucial to its continuing growth and success.


With support from the USAID and SEAOHUN via the OHW-NG project for the Philippines, PhilOHUN successfully launched its website in early 2022. The website serves as the country network’s face on the Internet. It is a useful resource to advertise activities and provide updates. Among those that were actively promoted on the website were the KAISA: One Health Awareness Campaign event and our website series on the One Health Approach in Health Sciences Education, which were both successful programs attended by people from various sectors, teachers and students. The website is a useful platform to inspire and encourage others to join us in our advocacy for One Health by sharing available resources and opportunities in both local and regional settings, including PhilOHUN-adapted One Health modules, interviews regarding local One Health-related issues, and relevant webinars and short courses offered by member Universities. Through the website, member Universities were able to readily access information shared on the site, helping facilitate information sharing and dissemination.


In the past six months alone, there was a significant increase in the number of website views, which accounted for over 30 percent of our total viewership. Views were generated by popular posts, such as available opportunities to work with PhilOHUN, accomplishments of our PhilOHUN members, and chances to work in One Health at the regional level. This is further boosted by posts on our Facebook page, which is linked to our website.


As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we acknowledge the key role of social media promotion, especially through collaboration with faculty members and partners. We are committed to further engaging with wider audiences by creating more interactive content and promoting our website and posts through increased collaboration. Through our website, we believe that our efforts will contribute to the advancement of One Health with the support of USAID and SEAOHUN via the OHW-NG project for the Philippines and beyond. As we grow as a country network, we will strive to continue improving our Internet presence by having the best features on our website and by providing quality information that clearly communicates to our viewers.

" is our way of introducing our network to the world. Today, we know what the power of the Internet can do. Our website aims to reach as many people as we can to introduce and promote One Health regardless of distance and disability. PhilOHUN strives to be the forefront and champion of One Health through all means possible. And our website serves as a springboard to achieve this dream." -Dr. Renard Jamora, Head of PhilOHUN Promotions Committee



About PhilOHUN

About PhilOHUN

The Philippine One Health University Network (PhilOHUN) is a member of the Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN). The membership of PhilOHUN to SEAOHUN was formalized on December 24, 2019, under the leadership of Dr. Michael L. Tee, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development of the University of the Philippines Manila and Leader of the Project  “OneHealth: Innovations in early detection and interventions in human, animal, and plant health”

The university members of PhilOHUN are:


  • Benguet State University

  • Cavite State University

  • Central Luzon State University

  • Central Mindanao University

  • Pampanga State Agricultural University

  • Partido State University

  • University of Eastern Philippines

  • University of the Philippines Los Baños

  • University of the Philippines Manila

  • Visayas  State University

  • Western Visayas State University

  • Ateneo de Manila University

  • Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health

  • Angeles University Foundation

  • Central Bicol State University of Agriculture

  • Bulacan Agricultural State College

  • Tarlac Agricultural University

  • South Luzon State University

  • Capiz State University

  • Nueva Vizcaya State University


PhilOHUN, together with its expanded network in Southeast Asia, aims to develop the next generation of skillful and competent One Health (OH) workforce. It is supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under its One Health Workforce Next Generation project led by the University of California Davis and its consortium. 


The Network envisions a regional network of universities in Southeast Asia engaged in generating socially relevant academic excellence on One Health. Its mission is to develop a resilient and competent One Health workforce by leveraging education, research, and training developed in collaboration with university networks in Southeast Asia.


PhilOHUN, together with the entire SEAOHUN, aspire for a future with minimal threat from preventable diseases through the One Health approach. It is our belief that joining hands with our neighboring Southeast Asian countries will allow us to move a step closer to this goal.

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