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Scholarship Program

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About the Scholarship 

With the USAID supported One Health Workforce (OHW) and One Health Workforce – Next Generation (OHW-NG) projects, SEAOHUN has provided financial support to about 50 scholarship recipients to pursue their first Master’s Degree in the areas related to One Health from 2016 to 2022.


In 2023, with the funding support of USAID under Transition Award, SEAOHUN is redesigning the scholarship program to better support the graduate students who demonstrate their commitment in One Health subject and have to conduct a research project as part of their study requirements. After completing their advanced studies, SEAOHUN scholarship recipients are expected to use their knowledge to advance local and national health developments in academia, government, and human and animal health organizations. With their advanced degrees, they are well-suited to work in multidisciplinary settings to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats, nationally and regionally.

In addition, the influx of students pursuing One Health training provides an impetus for new academic programs relating to One Health within host Universities. Thus, the SEAOHUN One Health Scholarship Program contributes to the development and support of One Health educational programs in SEAOHUN member Universities. 


Miss Nguyen Thuy Anh, SEAOHUN 2019 Scholarship


To support graduate students in conducting One Health related research and building their research skills to solve complex health issues with One Health approaches in their respective countries after the study.

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Sharing experience as a SEAOHUN Scholarship recipient

Fauzi Budi Satria is one of the recipients of the SEAOHUN Scholarship to pursue his graduate study at the International Master of Public Health program, Institute of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Hanoi Medical University in academic year 2017–2018. After graduation, besides continuing his works as medical doctor, he started his new career path as a lecturer at Faculty of Public Health in Islamic State University - Indonesia. As One Health Workforce, He believes that One Health is a great framework to handle every health issues. Therefore, he always adds the application of One Health Concept in every topic in his lectures.

“In the beginning, everybody doubted on my decision to go to Hanoi. Because I chose to leave my current job in hospital and go for something uncertain. But now I can prove that their doubts were totally wrong. After graduated, I did not find any difficulties in applying for any Doctoral Degree Program. Recently, at least I got two scholarships from Russian Government and from a private university in Taiwan to do Doctoral degree. It is proven that my degree is qualified, well recognized, and suited international standard. A very big thanks to SEAOHUN and donors that gave me full financial support. It really helped me to concentrate on studying and got the best achievement in that program. I hope for the sustainable of this program.” Said Budi.

The Scholarship package:

Up to 5,000 USD per scholarship for one academic year only. The scholarship mainly aims to cover costs directly related to research projects such as data collections costs, travel costs, conference fees, publication fees, etc. Minor costs related to overall studies such as tuition fees, living expenses and/or field studies will also be considered.

Applicants must:

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Citizen of Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

Planning or working on research of prioritized One Health topics

40 years of age or younger

Full-time student in local or international Master’s degree or PhD Degree program offered by one of the SEAOHUN member Universities

Deadline to submit the application: 4 June 2023
Announcement of results via email: late June or early July 2023

Download Call for application:
Submit Application:

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