Scholarship Program

The Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN) offers scholarships for students to pursue international Master’s degrees in One Health-related field at approved academic institutions in Southeast Asia. These scholarships support students and professionals who will promote and implement One Health principles, and who may not otherwise be able to pursue their first graduate-level studies to advance their careers.

About the Scholarship 

SEAOHUN provided a total of 30 scholarships for students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Myanmar to undertake One Health-related Master’s Degree programs from academic years 2016 - 2017 to 2018 - 2019. The scholarship allows the current and future One Health workforce to pursue their advanced studies. Furthermore, the influx of students pursuing One Health training provides an impetus for institutional reforms and new academic programs within host universities.

After completing their advanced studies, it is envisioned that SEAOHUN scholarship recipients will use their knowledge to advance local and national health developments in academia, government, and human-and animal-health organizations. With their advanced degrees, they will be well-suited to work in multidisciplinary settings to prevent, detect, and respond to pandemic threats, nationally

and regionally.

Miss Le Nhan Bang, SEAOHUN 2019 Scholarship

Sharing experience as a SEAOHUN Scholarship recipient

Fauzi Budi Satria is one of the recipients of the SEAOHUN Scholarship to pursue his graduate study at the International Master of Public Health program, Institute of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Hanoi Medical University in academic year 2017–2018. After graduation, besides continuing his works as medical doctor, he started his new career path as a lecturer at Faculty of Public Health in Islamic State University - Indonesia. As One Health Workforce, He believes that One Health is a great framework to handle every health issues. Therefore, he always adds the application of One Health Concept in every topic in his lectures.

“In the beginning, everybody doubted on my decision to go to Hanoi. Because I chose to leave my current job in hospital and go for something uncertain. But now I can prove that their doubts were totally wrong. After graduated, I did not find any difficulties in applying for any Doctoral Degree Program. Recently, at least I got two scholarships from Russian Government and from a private university in Taiwan to do Doctoral degree. It is proven that my degree is qualified, well recognized, and suited international standard. A very big thanks to SEAOHUN and donors that gave me full financial support. It really helped me to concentrate on studying and got the best achievement in that program. I hope for the sustainable of this program.” Said Budi.

Application information

  • Scholarship recipients come from different disciplines related to animal and human health, such as veterinary science, medicine and public health. 

  • SEAOHUN may provide the full grant of yearly tuition and stipend OR a partial grant that covers only the yearly tuition fee, depending on the application and budget.

Applicants must:

Be citizens SEAOHUN member countries  

(Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) 

Plan a career in human, animal or environmental

health, applying One Health concept.

Be 35 years or younger at the time of application.

Be accepted and enrolled as a full-time student in SEAOHUN scholarship-eligible programs.