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SEAOHUN 2022 International Conference
Field Trip:

5 September 2022

Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness: Applying Research and Community Engagement for Healthy Communities


Location: Phanat Nikhom District, Chonburi Province
Hosted by Emerging Infectious Diseases Clinical Center, Chulalongkorn Hospital and Chula School of Global Health, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

The threat from outbreaks of Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) dominated by zoonosis continues to increase. Every year, several EID outbreaks are reported throughout the world. The initial spillover often occurs in areas with high human-animal interaction. Several attempts are made to detect novel pathogens that have a zoonotic potential and are likely to be pandemic, including the USAID “PREDICT” project, with the collaboration of partners worldwide. Phanat Nikhom District was one of the PREDICT sites to detect and discover viruses of pandemic potential through the engagement of all sectors, including the government, community, and private sectors, to coordinate and foster closer cooperation to achieve the stated goals under the “One Health” concept. The community’s alertness was accomplished through public education activities for sustainable preparedness and prevention.  


Strengthening National and Sub-National Health systems: Lessons learned from the COVID-19



Location: Thailand Ministry of Public Health
Hosted by the Department of Disease Control

Thailand has recognized the importance of One Health approach in the preparedness and response to emerging infectious diseases. It established the Thai Coordinating Unit for One Health (Thai CUOH) at the Ministry of Public Health in 2014 to facilitate activities across ministries and other partners to strengthen the capacity at the national and sub-national levels, and promote One Health collaboration internationally. In 2016, seven Ministries and the Thai Red Cross Society formalized One Health collaboration in Thailand by signing a memorandum of understanding on One Health. With ongoing efforts to build a resilient national health system, Thailand ranked 5th in the 2021 Global Health Security Index. In addition, Thailand was the first country to detect a COVID-19 case outside China and was among the first countries to conduct a Joint Intra-Action Review on how its health system responded to COVID-19. Join the visit learn about Thailand's journey in addressing current and preventing future pandemics.

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