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CALL FOR APPLICATION: Development of One Health Courses for Southeast Asia One Health Workforce Academies (SEAOHWA)

Updated: Apr 3

Southeast Asia One Health Workforce Academies (SEA-OHWA) is an online platform offering competency-based training, and continuous professional development under the SEAOHUN Transition Award (TA) project supported by USAID. This platform has adopted the concept from the One Health Workforce Academies (OHWA) developed by the USAID One Health Workforce Next Generation (OHW- NG) project. SEA-OHWA is designed to expand access and promote local expertise within the SEAOHUN member countries specific contexts. Therefore, courses and materials in SEA-OHWA encourage the content in local languages, catering to frontline health professionals (including public health laboratory professionals), students in health-related disciplines, and One Health interested individuals.

To enrich the offerings of the SEA-OHWA platform and address the capacity building needs for the public health laboratory professionals in the region, SEAOHUN is extending an invitation for proposals to create online courses that are relevant to the intersection of Public Health Laboratory and One Health. SEAOHUN invites proposals from individuals, organizations, or agencies affiliated with the Regional Public Health Laboratory Network (RPHLN) in the following countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. The proposed courses should encompass a comprehensive array of online learning components, such as course materials, lecture videos, animation videos, interactive learning elements, case scenarios, role-play exercises, assessments and quizzes. A webinar series on instructional design best practice is provided to support the prospective applicants [The recorded webinar can be accessed through SEAOHUN official YouTube channel

The courses should incorporate One Health in strengthening laboratory workforce development catering to the needs and challenges of the public health laboratory professionals in the Southeast Asia region.


To develop the localized One Health courses for the SEA-OHWA that addresses and contributes to specific needs and priorities of One Health and Laboratory workforce in the Southeast Asia region.

Priority areas

The following areas or topics (from OHW competency Framework and Evaluation Toolkit) will be prioritized during the selection process with a rationale for improving the country and the region’s capacity to better preparedness and response of timely detection of pathogens with outbreak potential.

a) One Health Principles and Concepts

b) Infectious Disease Management and Fundamentals

b) Outbreak Investigation and Response

c) One Health Epidemiology

d) Surveillance

e) Risk assessment and mitigation.

The proposed online courses are not restricted to the priority areas mentioned above but can also cover other topics that are relevant to the intersection of Public Health Laboratory and One Health (including RPHL Network 11 Core Thematic areas; 1) National Leadership, Governance, Policies and Coordination, 2) Regulations/Licensing/ Accreditation, 3) Quality Management, 4) Supply Chain Management, 5) Equipment Service and Maintenance, 6) Data management and Tools, 7) Laboratory workforce, 8) Biosafety, Biosecurity and Waste Management, 9) Laboratory Emergency Plan ( threats/emerging threats), 10) Integrated/Optimized Network, Sample Transport and Point-of-Care Testing (POCT), 11) One Health, Surveillance and AMR including Sequencing and Bioinformatics).

Download full concept note here:


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