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Sub-National Capacity Building through SEA-OHWA

SEAOHUN established a platform called Southeast Asia One Health Workforce Academies (SEAOHWA), which serves as an online hub for One Health education and training resources in Southeast Asia. This platform successfully gathered over 600 One Health educational resources from member universities, as well as global and local repository sites. The main objective of SEA-OHWA is to promote greater access and collaboration among faculty members and young professionals. As part of the ongoing efforts, SEAOHUN provides funding support to faculty members and partner agencies in all country networks to develop One Health online educational content in local languages. The award winners from different countries will develop One Health online educational content in their local languages, focusing on pre-service and sub-national capacity building to enhance the One Health competencies.

The ongoing online courses under SEA-OHWA range from ‘One Health Principles and Concepts’ to ‘Integrated Health Surveillance System’. Faculty staff and professionals from seven different countries; Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, are onboard to craft the localized One Health online courses in their languages. SEA-OHWA will officially launch the Southeast Asia One Health online courses to the public in August 2024.


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