PhilOHUN Webinar Series

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

PhilOHUN Webinar Series: Ensuring quality of Public Health communication, diagnostics, and infection prevention and control on humans and animals in response to CoVID-19.

The Philippine One Health University Network (PhilOHUN) is a member of the Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN) composed of local universities unified with the aim of creating a secured future with minimal threat from preventable diseases. To fulfill this advocacy, we are conducting a series of the webinars entitled: “PhilOHUN Webinar Series: Ensuring Quality Public Health response to COVID-19 – redefining communication, diagnostics, and infection prevention and control.” The goal of the program is to inform the members of the academic community, healthcare providing units, and local government units of the risks presented by the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.