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A SEAOHUN Fellow’s Experience in Lao PDR

We cannot stop learning and practicing One Health during the pandemic: A SEAOHUN fellow’s experience in Lao PDR

“I’ve gained much experience from my SEAOHUN fellowship under the supervision of FAO Lao PDR. I learned and improved my technical and coordination skills through many national One Health events. After the fellowship, I am committed to contributing to the development of One Health collaboration in Lao PDR”

Dr. Ketkesone Phrasisombath

SEAOHUN 2021 Fellow

Dr. Ketkesone Phrasisombath, one of the SEAOHUN fellows in 2021, is a senior lecturer at University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR. He worked at FAO Lao PDR (FAOLA) for 5 months under the mentorship of Dr. Leo Loth, International Technical Advisor, FAO Representation in Lao People’s Democratic Republic. During his fellowship, he helped FAOLA organize a national-level One Health workshop in collaboration with Department of Livestock and Fisheries (DLF), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MoAF) in Lao PDR. This One Health workshop marked the inception of One Health committees in all 18 provinces of Lao PDR. These committees, linked to the national One Health committee, aim to strengthen collaboration and response to complex health threats at the human- animal-environmental interfaces.​

In addition, he fostered collaboration between MoAF and academic. He gave lectures on data entry and data analysis to undergraduate students from the Department of Animal Sciences during his work at DLF. Moreover, he participated in the assessment of the National Strategic Plan on Antimicrobial Drug Resistant (AMR) conducted by MoAF, FAOLA and other international partners. He facilitated Progressive Management Pathway (PMP) assessment which was co-organized by DLF and FAOLA.

Furthermore, he assisted with the concept note and coordinated the National One Health Symposium in November 2021. The Symposium, organized by of Ministry of Health, MoAF, FAO and WHO, included a panel discussion on COVID-19 vaccination campaigns and AMR. Engaged in national level meetings and workshops, he gained practical experiences and contributed to advance One Health in Lao PDR. Specifically, he supported the establishment of the One Health committee at DLF, and a coordination platform where Government agencies and development partners of Lao PDR will meet. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, he successfully completed his fellowship at FAOLA. His inter-personal skills, friendliness, and team spirit were well observed and appreciated by all partners.

Dr. Ketkesone received his doctoral degree from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. He works as a public health specialist providing guidance on health research and primary health care development at different levels. He had over 10 years of experience working at the Government of Lao PDR, UN agencies, national and international universities, and NGOs. He is passionate about reproductive health, maternal and child health, and women’s health.

- Personal protective equipment, distancing, and group size standards in this photo were consistent with local public health guidance and COVID-19 status in the specific country and time it was taken. This may not reflect best practices for all locations where COVID-19 is still spreading. -


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