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Climatelinks 2023 Photo Contest: Confronting the Climate Crisis Across Sectors

Capture the essence of USAID's Climate Strategy in Action by participating in the Climatelinks 2023 Photo Contest. From July 11 to August 7, 2023, you have the opportunity to submit up to five images that showcase the issues, impacts, and solutions related to climate change across various sectors.


The theme of the contest is "USAID’s Climate Strategy in Action: Confronting the Climate Crisis Across Sectors." We are seeking submissions that depict the challenges we face, the transformative actions being taken, and the positive impact on communities and the environment. Choose from 13 categories that cover a wide range of topics, including agriculture and food systems, biodiversity conservation, democracy and governance, education, energy, health, water and sanitation, gender equity and social inclusion, and more.

Who Can Enter: The Climatelinks 2023 Photo Contest welcomes entries from everyone with great photos, including the Climatelinks community, USAID staff and implementers, individuals or organizations working in climate and development, and non-USAID programs.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit up to five high-quality images that adhere to the contest rules and requirements.

  • Ensure your photographs are relevant to the contest theme and fall within one of the 13 categories listed on the contest website.

  • Each photograph should demonstrate strong composition, originality, and technical quality.

  • If your image includes any identifiable individuals, a release form will be required upon submission.

Important Dates:

  • Contest Opens: July 11, 2023

  • Submission Deadline: August 7, 2023

  • Winners Announced: October 2023

Prizes and Recognition: One overall winner, as well as winners for each category, will be selected by a panel of evaluators consisting of USAID staff and the Climatelinks team. Winning photos will be announced in Fall 2023 and showcased in Climatelinks communications, the website's topic pages, and the Climatelinks photo gallery. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your work recognized and contribute to the global conversation on climate change.

For more details and to submit your captivating photographs, visit the Climatelinks Photo Contest page:

We look forward to seeing your powerful images that reflect the remarkable actions being taken to confront the climate crisis across sectors. Join us in spreading awareness and inspiring change through the lens of your camera!

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