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Consultancy Opportunity! with World Health Organization (WHO)

Landscape analysis for the Workforce Development Operational Tool (Tripartite Zoonoses Guide Toolkit), closing date is in May 18, 2022!

Purpose of consultancy

To contribute to the development of the Workforce Development Operational Tool (WFD OT), an operational tool in the Tripartite Zoonoses Guide (TZG) Toolkit, through the completion of a stakeholder analysis and development of a comprehensive landscape analysis report.


The TZG toolkit is comprised of critical OTs developed based on the principles and best practices outlined in the TZG. The OTs are step-wise guides, allowing countries to strengthen their zoonotic disease preparedness and response using a multisectoral, One Health, approach. To date, three OTs have been developed, including the Joint Risk Assessment OT, the Multisectoral Coordination Mechanism OT, and the Surveillance and Information Sharing OT. Beginning in July 2022, the Tripartite will begin the development of two additional tools, including the WHO-led WFD OT and the FAO-led Monitoring and Evaluation OT. For WHO, the first step in the OT development process is to hire a technical consultant to conduct a stakeholder mapping and develop a comprehensive landscape analysis. A final landscape analysis report will ensure that the WFD OT is developed strategically to align with ongoing capacity strengthening efforts of the Tripartite+ and external partners, as well as fill a strategic gaps/needs for WHO regions and countries. This initiative will be led by WHO HSP/CCI/HAI working in close collaboration with OIE and FAO.


Deliverable: Comprehensive landscape analysis report which details available workforce development capacity strengthening tools, approaches, and globally available training programs.

Task 1: Comprehensive stakeholder analysis completed and used to inform data collection and analysis. Expected on 15 July 2022.

Task 2: Data collection through document review and key informant interviews, followed by data analysis and drafting the landscape report, including gaps and key recommendations for the development of the WFD OT. Expected on 15 September 2022.

Task 3: Draft report shared with final comments/ revisions integrated. Expected on 15 October 2022.

Task 4: Final landscape report delivered and validated. Expected on 31 October 2022.

Read more about the qualification and requirement of the consultancy through here:


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