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Dr. Vannaphone Phouthana, Vice-Chair of LAOHUN, National University of Loas

Dr. Vannaphone Putthana is a Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, The National University of Laos, and He is also a Vice Chair of LAOHUN. He received his PhD. In Food microbes From Czech University of Life Science in 2012 and MS in Animal health from Khonkaen University, Thailand. Dr. Vannaphone Putthana Lecturer on Animal disease and medicine, Epidemiology, Food safety, One Health and food security, Transboundary animal diseases in Veterinary Medicine Department, Faculty of Agriculture, NUOL Since 2004. He has published more than 14 Articles and 3 book chapters and He has contributed Research project on safe pork in Savannakhet and Champasak provinces and Project coordinator on poultry value chain and field diseases investigation in five provinces of northern Laos and Project coordinator for parasitic food borne diseases in southern Laos, GREASE, CommAcross project. EU supported.


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