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One Health Lessons: 2021 Call for Summer Internship Applications

What is One Health Lessons?

This internationally-acclaimed organization that aims to inspire students of all ages (both children and adults) to value the interconnection between our health and the health of the environment, plants and animals (One Health). The organization has changed lives around the world, for interns and other volunteers alike. Today, the has seven age appropriate COVID-19 lessons that are now being translated into over 80 languages and are being taught internationally by hundreds of people.

What does this internship generally involve?

• Each intern has their own responsibilities (see below) and is expected to virtually work

closely with other interns (from various locations around the world).

• Participate in weekly (Saturday) virtual meetings (1.5 hours/week)

• Actively work to improve public speaking and communication skills (1.5 hours/week)

• Developing sales and promotional skills. (2-6 hours/week)

• Expanding your professional network. (5-10 hours/week)

• Learning techniques to inspire others. (throughout the experience)

• Developing cultural awareness and sensitivities. (throughout the experience)

• Appreciating the needs of students with various abilities. (throughout the experience)

• Developing more transferrable and professional skills. (if time permits)

• Frequent communication with mentor to achieve timely goals. (throughout the experience)

• There is no monetary pay for this internship. However, you will be personally mentored

during the internship experience to gain valuable life skills and connections.

When is the internship?

• May 15, 2021 – September 30, 2021

Who is your Mentor?

Dr. Deborah Thomson develops One Health lessons for children ages 6 to 18 and adults so that

they can understand the inextricable connection between human health and the health of animals

and the environment. She is passionate about the science field and has taught her One Health lessons in underserved public schools and online. Based on teacher feedback, she has inspired thousands of children to

consider a future in science. Her lessons have been taught internationally. Besides developing student lessons (which are delivered virtually or in the classroom), she is a veterinarian, a science policy advisor, a first responder, an award-winning public speaker and musician, and an overall One Health advocate.

Before becoming a veterinarian, she taught music in a primary school and was a full-time instructor of English Language Learners between the ages of 11 and 65. Throughout veterinary school and for years after graduation, she never lost her passion for teaching children. With these lessons, she combines her two passions: One Health and primary/secondary school education.

Available Internship Positions and their responsibilities: please download the information here

2021 Call for Summer Internship Applicat
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