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One Health Workforce - Next Generation COVID-19 Digital Awareness Challenge

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

One Health Workforce -Next Generation (OHW-NG), in collaboration with AFROHUN AND SEAOHUN, invites current One Health students (SOHICs, OHSC, etc.) to the COVID-19 digital awareness challenge. Raise awareness in your community via preparing outreach materials (posters/cartoons/videos) that you can share with your community.

What we are looking for Digital content ( ex., poster, flyer, cartoon, 2-3min videos) to answer at least one of the following questions:

• What is COVID-19? • How is the COVID-19 transmitted? • How to prevent individuals from getting infected? • What message would you share with your community about COVID-19?

Submission process: Application is closed!


- All students both undergraduate and graduate from the SEA countries are welcome to participate individually or in group.

- All students should follow government regulations (confinement, social distancing, masks, ..). Any submissions that break governmental guidelines would be excluded.

- Submissions must be original content. If submission is not in English, please also submit a translation or a summary in English. Content should be appropriate for all literacy levels.

Review Criteria: Submissions will be judged by a panel on the strength, relevance and artwork and communication skills. All students are welcome to participate. Multidisciplinary teams are highly encouraged.

A winner will be selected for each of the following material: 1-Best video 2-Best flyer/poster 3-Most innovative digital content

Prizes will be available(will not exceed $4000)and selected submission will be published on OHW-NG digital platforms and websites.

For more information on contest guidelines, please contact:

Submission Deadline: June 14, 2020 (11.59pm ICT)

Download Flyers: Click

FAQs for COVID-19 Student Digital Competition in Southeast Asia

1. Is there a minimum or maximum number of persons for each group? : There is no limitation of a number of persons in each group. Virtual group meeting is strongly encouraged. Kindly strictly adhere to your government guidelines such as social distancing in doing the group work.

2. Do we have to be in the same university or faculty to join as one group? : Multidisciplinary team/group from multiple universities and faculties is encouraged. All students, graduate or undergraduate in SEA region, are welcome to participate.

3. Will students get the certificate if winning the competition? : Yes, they will. Additionally, we are happy to give certificates of participation for students who request it for their future work / profile.

4. How many pieces of materials that students can submit? : We encourage you to focus on crafting the best piece of work. If you wish to submit multiple products, you may do so as there is no limit on a number of submissions.

5. If a student is not from SEAOHUN university members, are they eligible to submit the work? : All the students (undergraduate and graduate) in Southeast Asia are welcome to participate.

6. How many prizes are there and how much is each prize worth? : Given that there are submissions for each category (video, poster/flyer, and innovative digital content), there will be three prizes with a minimum of $2,000 and up to $4,000 for each winner. Kindly note that the prize award is for each winner to propose a project benefiting health of their community or using the award to gain knowledge or experience in One Health such as attending a conference.

7. The winners will be selected at the national level or global level to be a winner. : The winner will be selected at the regional level in Southeast Asian region.

8. Is there any registration fee? : There is neither registration nor submission fee :-)


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