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Reflecting on One Health in Action During the COVID-19 Response

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

One Health is very relevant to the current pandemic. It is concerned with interactions and dependencies in complex systems and promotes a sustainability-oriented approach of health that brings together natural and social sciences and is characterized by collaboration, participation, sharing, and exchange in a framework of knowledge integration in health. A key feature is the concept of shared responsibility, with the potential for innovative and non-uniform solutions to manage complex problems. (Photo credit: ESCAP)

“During this period, we were discussing options to reshape response measures in the surveillance commission because in Kinshasa capital city cases were still rising. At that time, the herd immunity theory that was discussed during the AFROHUN COVID-19 session on immunity issues and interventions for COVID-19. We learned more about it and about the advances in vaccine development. This improved my knowledge, which I shared, and helped us to focus on improving our testing capacities, as there is no evidence supporting such a theory.”

Dr. Marc Yambayamba, AFROHUN country manager in DRC, member of the national COVID-19 surveillance team.

Reflecting on One Health in Action During the COVID - 19 Response, Case Study 3: One Health in Action: Experiences From the Africa One Health University Network (AFROHUN) COVID-19 Knowledge Sharing Response. Read more:


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