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Registration is now open for the Institutionalizing Community Health Conference 2021

UNICEF in collaboration with USAID, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Community Health Roadmap and the Community Health Community of Practice (CH-CoP) will convene a second Institutionalizing Community Health Conference (ICHC) to take stock of and build on experiences and knowledge since ICHC 2017. ICHC 2021 will leverage learning and harness lessons that are emerging from implementation of key initiatives and partnerships, such as the Integrating Community Health Collaboration and the Intelligent Community Health Systems. Learning, actions and recommendations from major assemblies and conferences in recent years (Global Conference on PHC, High Level Meeting on Universal Health Care, Institutionalizing iCCM, Global Pneumonia Forum, and the World Health Assembly’s resolution on CHWs) will also be embedded throughout ICHC 2021.


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