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SEAMEO TROPMED Network Presented its New Project during Annual Governing Board Meeting (GBM)

SEAMEO TROPMED Network presented its new project “Promoting One Health Education in Thai Border Schools” to the Members of its Governing Board during its Annual Governing Board Meeting (GBM) held 8-9 September 2021. The Governing Board is composed of High Officials of the Ministries of Health/ Universities of the 11 Member Countries of SEAMEO. During the GBM, the three Regional TROPMED Centres and the TROPMED Network Office present their accomplishments for the year as well as new projects and programs in line with its vision and mission. The Board provides policy directions for the TROPMED Regional Centres and the Network Office.

SEAMEO TROPMED Network fulfills its Mandate within the context of the:

• Changing global and regional public health landscape,

• Emerging health and health development challenges, and

• Health and health-related human resource needs and mobility in the region.

The new two- year project aims to promote the concept of One Health among students and teachers primarily through curricular mainstreaming of One Health and related concepts and through co-curricular activities. This is part of a bigger project in collaboration with CHEVRON, SEAOHUN, TDRC and SEAMEO STEM-ED.

Visit SEAMEO TROPMED Network website please visit:


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