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SEAOHUN witnessed the Final Meeting and Turnover of the One Health Project to Rujiraphat School

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

On 29 August 2023, the Seameo Tropmed Network , in partnership with the SEAMEO Regional Centre for STEM Education (STEM-ED), Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN), and Chevron, celebrated the successful completion of their project “Promoting One Health Education in Thai Border School” at Rujiraphat School in Suan Phueng, Rachaburi province.

The project's remarkable achievements was the development and implementation of pioneering modules for One Health concept in basic education. These modules, tailored for students from kindergarten to Grade 9, were the first of their kind in the ASEAN region. They successfully raised awareness about One Health among students, and teachers.

The project showcased the power of collaboration across sectors to enhance education and tackle public health challenges. During the event on August 29, 2023, stakeholders advocated for the ongoing integration of One Health principles into the basic curriculum. Additionally, there are exciting plans to expand this curriculum to other schools in Ratchaburi, ensuring that a broader spectrum of students can benefit from this innovative approach.

The gathering was characterized by expressions of gratitude to collaborators, the official inauguration of new toilet facilities, and a commitment to continue integrating One Health into the curriculum. It was a celebration of the profound impact of the “Promoting One Health Education in Thai Border School” project and its enduring legacy.


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