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Terms of Reference: Graphic Designer for USAID OHW-NG Semi-Annual Report

Updated: Feb 15


The Consultant will provide a short-term service as Graphic Designer assisting the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Officer to lay out a report using a template and style guide provided by SEAOHUN. The services shall include:

1) Transfer of text from Word documents of 35 to 50 pages total into the layout;

2) The consultant shall read documents provided by SEAOHUN and design an icon representing “One Health in Southeast Asia”, infographic icons and Southeast Asian visual elements;

3) Updating of the Southeast Asia map to show the current universities in the eight country networks;

4) Identification of suitable illustrative photos from among those supplied by SEAOHUN based on relevance to subject, composition, technical quality of the image and other artistic considerations; when needed, identification of suitable illustrative photos from online commercial sources such as Shutterstock for review and possible purchase by SEAOHUN; and

5) Incorporation of edits to text.


The final output is a report section, 35 to 50 pages long, A3 spread or close to, with a section front and back cover, optimized for visual display, in PDF and Adobe InDesign formats.