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Understanding the Linkage Between Microplastics Pollution and One Health

Updated: Jan 4

Understanding the linkage between microplastics pollution and One Health: propose a set of tools for assessing the impacts of microplastics on health

There is mounting evidence that microplastic pollution is a serious issue. According to studies conducted all over the world, tiny plastic fibers and particles have been discovered in rivers and lakes, seafood caught in the ocean, the air above distant mountaintops, and newly fallen snow in Antarctica. Recently, scientists discovered microplastics in the blood and lungs of humans. This project, led by Dr. Ngo Thi Thuy Huong of Phenikaa University (PU), aims to understand the relationship between microplastic pollution and One Health and to propose a set of tools for assessing the health impacts of microplastics. The project conducted field trip activities in the Nhue-Day River basin, including the collection of samples for microplastic analysis and the evaluation of residents' perceptions of this environmental concern.

The project surveyed 200 locals in Phu Ly (Ha Nam) across six occupational categories, including farmers, workers, officials, high school and university students, and small-scale businesses, regarding their knowledge of plastic products and microplastic pollution, as well as the associated health risks. A policy brief was produced based on the findings. Furthermore, Phenikaa University researchers and students conducted sampling in rivers and ponds to investigat