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USAID Announces Partnership to Strengthen the Next Gen of Zoonotic Disease Experts in Cambodia

May 4, 2022. Cambodia’s next generation of experts on diseases that cross from animals to humans have received a boost thanks to a partnership between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). This partnership, which began in 2017, achieved great success through the One Health Workforce project which established the Cambodia One Health University Network (CAMBOHUN), five universities committed to fostering the next generation of zoonotic disease experts.

“This partnership has advanced health security in Cambodia and the Mekong region by strengthening the capacity of the health workforce in detecting and managing zoonotic disease outbreaks,” said Nancy J. Eslick, USAID/Cambodia Mission Director. “Today we celebrate our strong partnership in global health security through joint support for immunization and to build Cambodia’s next generation of health workers tracking and managing zoonotic diseases - a global priority.”

- Personal protective equipment, distancing, and group size standards in this photo were consistent with local public health guidance and COVID-19 status in the specific country and time it was taken. This may not reflect best practices for all locations where COVID-19 is still spreading. -


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