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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Calling young leaders to join us in a place to share knowledge & commitment, crowdfunding, and gather many sectors in Indonesia not only practitioners and health experts but also policy makers, economic actors, politicians, law and other sectors related. An event that highlights the game-changers and influential people that have collaborated through innovation, in fields such as health, humanity, and ecosystem.

NusaBersama’s mission is to educate the society about the urgent problems of Citarum River and inspire them to take action. As well as providing platform and exposure towards the people who are doing the real work. This is exactly why One Summit is here.

One Summit is an information dissemination forum on current issues, namely the Citarum River, which is targeted at the general public which consists of several series of events. This activity is expected to increase public awareness and solutions for the Citarum River pollution.

THIS YEAR'S THEME "Sustainable Efforts and Collaboration in Restoring Citarum River"

"NusaBersama: Citarum" 8 September 2018 Multi-Purpose Hall, CRCS Building Institut Teknologi Bandung

Participants Benefits: Certificate + Merchandise

For more info, click @nusabersama on IG. If you want to join, feel free to register here!


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