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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The program includes three tracks specializing in 1) One Health and General Public Health; 2) Health Economics; and 3) Reproductive Health, with limited scholarships and financial supports for candidates pursuing research publications.

The lectures of this program are Hanoi Medical University staff and Experts from different universities and International organizations over the world. The IPMPH’s lecturers have been trained in prestigious universities in the United States of America, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and other developed countries, possessing deep knowledge and understanding of public health and preventive medicine research and practice in the global arena. The International lectures are from Universities and Institutes of United State of America, Australia, Sweden, Denmark and other countries. Experts from international agencies and NGOs will be invited for some certain sessions.

The full-time International Master of Public Health program at Hanoi Medical University is designed to train a new generation of competent public health researchers and practitioners. The specialized tracks are combined inter-disciplines to establish advantageous conditions for professional developments in both national and global environments.

Completing in one year, you will earn a Master degree in Public Health, awarded by Hanoi Medical University, as well as learn and flourish in a multicultural environment.

In the program, students will take eight (08) compulsory courses and four (04) elective courses, and will complete a final thesis to fulfill graduation requirements. In the final thesis, students will be able to pursue their own public health interests, and to investigate a question or problem of their choice.

The total number of prospective students of this intake is anticipated to be about 30.

Training duration: 12 months (Oct 2020 to Oct 2021)

Tuition fee: 3,500 USD (around 77.000.000 VND, applied currency exchange rate at the time of paying)

Eligibility and Admission Criteria Applicants from any country are eligible for the program and should have the following prerequisites:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree.

  • At least 1 year of work experience in one of the following fields - medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, economic, environmental sciences or related disciplines. This prerequisite may be waived by the course organisers if applicants achieved a high ranking in one of these related batchelor degrees.

  • Proof of English proficiency: TOEFL IBT scores of 70 or more; TOEFL PBT scores of 500 or more, or IELTS scores of 5.5 or more. (Native English speakers do not need this proficiency certificate).

Application for admission

Applicants must submit: