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Launching the SEAOHUN-RPHL Project to Support Laboratory Strengthening in Southeast Asia

With the support of USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) through the One Health Workforce – Next Generation project, SEAOHUN partners with the Regional Public Health Laboratory Network (RPHLN) to foster collaboration among laboratories at the ministries and universities to enhance the capacity of laboratory workforce in Southeast Asia. The eight-month project (February to September 2024) aims to support strengthening of national laboratory systems for the timely detection of pathogens with potential infectious disease outbreaks and for improved routine diagnostics services by engaging SEAOHUN member universities with RPHL-led activities and vice versa.

Dr. Ballang Uppapong, Deputy Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences (DMSc), Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, gave welcome remarks at the launch of the SEAOHUN-RPHL project on 14 February 2024 and chaired the meeting to introduce the project to members of the RPHLN. The hybrid launch event was joined by Dr. Karoon Chanachai, RDMA representative who gave remarks to fully support the project, four SEAOHUN representatives led by Dr. Vipat Kuruchittham, Executive Director, who introduced SEAOHUN at the meeting, representatives of 13 member countries of RPHLN, and the RPHLN secretariat team. This inaugural event marking the collaboration between the two networks ended with enthusiasm as both networks are committed to work together to support laboratory systems strengthening.


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