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SEAOHUN USAID OHW-NG Year 4 Annual Report

We are thrilled to present the annual report for the One Health Workforce - Next Generation. This year’s compilation serves as a testament to the relentless commitment of our team and the remarkable progress we have collectively achieved in advancing One Health in Southeast Asia.

As we navigate the intricacies of the past year, our journey has been marked by resilience, adaptability, and collaborative triumphs. This annual report stands as a beacon of our dedication to transparency, accountability, and the profound effect of sharing our accomplishments, challenges, and future aspirations.

Highlights of the Year: A Collective Triumph

This year’s report provides a comprehensive overview of the SEAOHUN One Health Research and Training (OHRT) Awards Program and the SEAOHUN Fellowship Program. These initiatives not only offered professionals practical experience but also made significant contributions to vital research and training in the One Health field. The “Lessons Learned” and “Next Steps” sections within each report outline the insights gained and strategic directions for the future.

In the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia, our member networks including CAMBOHUN, INDOHUN, LAOHUN, MMOHUN, MyOHUN, PhilOHUN, THOHUN and VOHUN have collectively propelled transformative One Health initiatives. From empowering communities and pioneering training modules to completing influential research endeavors and fostering community awareness, these networks have played a crucial role in addressing antimicrobial resistance, tackling emerging infectious diseases, and ensuring food security.

SEAOHUN, as a beacon of support, proudly bestowed OHRT accolades, completed innovative research projects, and secured Chevron funding for Phase II. The collaborative efforts demonstrate a shared dedication to addressing health challenges through a unified and effective One Health approach. The mission to strengthen One Health education, workforce assessment, curriculum development, and policy advocacy has been significantly advanced through the unwavering dedication of our members.

Networks in Action: A Collective Influence

In Southeast Asia, our member networks have been pivotal in driving transformative One Health initiatives. From empowering communities through the establishment of One Health Student Clubs to conducting groundbreaking gender assessments, each network has significantly enriched the One Health landscape, contributing to a healthier and more interconnected Southeast Asia.

SEAOHUN Secretariat, alongside CAMBOHUN, INDOHUN, LAOHUN, MMOHUN, MyOHUN, PhilOHUN, THOHUN, and VOHUN, collectively completed local and regional Research and Training Award projects, empowered communities, facilitated training sessions, and supported student clubs. Their unique contributions underscore the depth and breadth of the One Health movement in the region.

Success Stories from Our Beneficiaries and OH Champions: Inspiring Change

Our journey towards One Health excellence is not just measured in programs and initiatives but is truly reflected in the success stories emanating from our beneficiaries and One Health champions. In the following pages, you will find inspiring narratives of positive change driven by the dedicated individuals and communities we’ve had the privilege to work with. These stories underscore the tangible outcome of our collective efforts in addressing critical health challenges and fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

SEAOHUN’s Growth and Sustainability: A Journey of Achievements

In the broader context, SEAOHUN achieved remarkable milestones, supporting research and training projects, facilitating fellowships, and forging strategic partnerships.

Join us in celebrating our achievements and exploring our future aspirations. Download and read the full report to learn more about our journey towards One Health excellence. Your support helps us continue to make a difference.


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