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Official Launch: International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade on 6th September 2021

Official Launch 6th September 2021 16:15 – 17:45 (CEST) at the IUCN WCC Marseille

Room: H9 - B 11 Press Conference Room* onsite & as livestream *

Identifying and reducing human health risks from wildlife trade needs an internationally coordinated and effective approach. To this end, the German Government is officially launching the International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade as an inclusive and interdisciplinary platform, with the participation of already some 80 national and international political and civil society organizations, incl. indigenous communities, as well as scientific institutions.

The Alliance will translate the commitment and political will of its members by pooling interdisciplinary

information and know-how. It will catalyze joint action by stakeholders from the fields of nature conservation, human and animal health as well as development cooperation and social sciences.

The Alliance focuses on human-wildlife interfaces and associated health risks, specifically in wildlife trade, and the emergence and spread of zoonotic pathogens from wildlife.

We, the Alliance and its members,

• respect cultural identity, traditional knowledge and practices as well as subsistence use of wildlife,

• aim to substantially reduce the risks of zoonotic spillovers from wildlife,

• will enhance international and national awareness, knowledge, policies and action to narrow the gap between science and implementation,

• contribute to reducing harmful wildlife exploitation.

Learn more about International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade :


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