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One Health in action against Neglected Tropical Diseases

The training course on One Health in action against Neglected Tropical Diseases. This course is now online and available here:

What you'll learn

  • Describe what One Health is;

  • Justify the importance of a paradigmatic shift towards a One Health approach to NTDs;

  • Provide some examples of One Health actions that each of us can take;

  • Identify how to start and improve the design and implementation of One Health action;

  • Acknowledge how to drive sustainable impact, by working with local communities and by unlocking political interest.

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) continue to cause hardship and harm to over one billion people worldwide, burdening individuals, families and communities who are already marginalized and disadvantaged. Taking a One Health approach that recognizes the relationship between human, animal, and environmental health is key to sustainably addressing NTDs. This course provides practical ideas, tools, and examples to enable each of us to take One Health action towards the global goal of substantially reducing the burden of NTDs by 2030.

Photo credits: WHO/Ollyas Ahmed


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