Reaching Indigenous Children In Malaysia Through One Health Programs

" Although the preparations for these programs were tedious and challenging, the team’s feedback from the hundreds of university students and the Orang Asli children made all this hard work worthwhile. It has been an enjoyable and poignant journey for the team as well. The friendship and network formed between the team members have resulted in many One Health projects outside the realms of Malaysia One Health University Network. We hope to continue and expand the program in years to come and involve more Orang Asli children from different parts of the country with the help of MyOHUN." - Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rashid

In Peninsular Malaysia, the Orang Asli are indigenous people and a marginalized community that is deprived of mainstream education and access to health care. Most of the Orang Asli live in forests and are hunters and gatherers. Due to their proximity to wildlife, limited access to protective resources, and poverty, they are also a community living in a high-risk setting for potential zoonotic disease spillover.