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Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS) 2021

The Southeast Asia Development Symposium is a two-day event organized by the Asian Development Bank on 17–18 March, with the theme, “Innovation through Collaboration: Planning for Inclusive Post-COVID-19 Recovery.”

The event, which will feature speakers from Google, Grab, the International Vaccine Institute, among others, will look at the progress of vaccine delivery across the region and how countries can support a post-pandemic recovery that is both inclusive and sustainable.

The symposium will provide governments in Southeast Asia with a unique opportunity to interact with each other and with leaders from industry, academia, and the development sector and discuss innovative approaches and solutions to the COVID-19 crisis and other development challenges.

SEADS 2021 will answer the following questions: How can Southeast Asian nations most effectively revitalize businesses, create sustainable job opportunities, and position themselves for inclusive and robust recovery? How can they harness big data and new technology to support growth?


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