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STOP Spillover in Cambodia

Establishing the STOP Spillover team to drive the project for the next 4 years

The Cambodia One Health University Network (CAMBOHUN), with the support of SEAOHUN, leads project implementation in Cambodia. Year 1 focused on kick-off discussions with CAMBOHUN and recruitment of the country project team. Critical staff were recruited including a country lead and technical members aligned with the project’s Surveillance, Mapping and Modelling (SMM) and Risk Analysis, Communication (RAC), Food, Water, Air Climate, Livelihoods & Economics, Policy and Security Hub (FWA), Wildlife, Livestock, Epidemiology, Behavior Change, Gender Strategy (WLE), resource hubs. With these staff on board, the national kick-off meeting, scheduled for 1 June 2022, will bring together key national-level stakeholders to introduce them to the project and garner their recommendations about the first prioritized interface, followed by an interface-level OM workshop in July 2022. Following the OM, CAMBOHUN will lead an Interventions Studies and Selection Process (ISSP) to discuss the recommended interventions and studies that emerge from OM, and to decide on the appropriate activities to incorporate into the Cambodia work plan.


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