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Student Led Research Panel at the 8th Annual One Health Symposium: One Health Approach to Innovation

We are looking for students from all disciplines who are actively doing research pertaining to the theme of "Innovations" to present their research at the symposium. All details can be found in the attached PDF. The deadline for abstracts is September 17, 2021.

Call for Proposals: UC Davis 8th Annual One Health Symposium

University of California-Davis

November 6th, 2021

The UC Davis 8th Annual One Health Symposium aims to explore and discuss topics related to innovations that impact human, animal, or environmental health. Such topics include innovations using traditional practices, in environmental health and comparative medicine, as well as innovations in policy and health. In this event, veterinarians, physicians, engineers, nurses, students, and researchers will gather in-person and virtually, to learn more about the research that is being done in areas involving innovations.

Call for Presentation Abstracts

Any undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral scholars are welcome to submit abstracts pertaining to the theme of “Innovation”. This will be an opportunity for students to showcase their research to colleagues and professionals in the field. The abstract should include a title, an introduction, objectives, methods, results, and a conclusion, limited to 1 page.

Since this will be a hybrid event due to COVID-19, those whose abstracts are chosen will be asked to either record themselves and submit a 5-10 minute video or present a poster at the symposium on the Student Led Research Panel. Panelists will also be asked to attend a virtual or in-person Q&A session on November 6th, 2021, where individuals attending the symposium can ask questions about your research.

Abstract Deadline: September 17th, 2021

If you know of any students currently involved in research! please submit your abstract trough to Johanna Vega Garcia, and cc Felicia Yen,

For any questions, please contact Johanna Vega Garcia,


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