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VOHUN Digital Contest: Plastic Pollution – One Health Issue?

Plastic pollution has become a global issue for not only the environment but also for humans and animals. In order to raise awareness of students and the community through risk communication, Vietnam One Health University Network (VOHUN) launches a digital contest with the topic of Plastic Pollution – One Health Issue in June 2021.

Who can join?

If you are students in Vietnam, you are able to join

How to join?

Design a kind of communication product, for example, video, poster, brochure… Those need to include:

  • Key message (required)

  • How plastic impacts human health, animal health, aqua health, and environmental health

  • Apply One Health approach in risk communication (use at least 2 OHCC)

  • How to reduce and limit plastic using.

Email your submission to


  1. The first prize for the best video (01)

  2. The first prize for the best materials (not video) (01)

  3. The second prize for video (01)

  4. The second prize for other materials (not video) (01)

  5. The third prize for video (01)

  6. The third prize for other materials (not video) (01)

  7. The first prize for the most voting on VOHUN Fanpage (01)


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